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Cisco Catalyst 2960, 2960-C and 2960-S switches support voice, video, data, và highly secure access. They also deliver scalable management as your business needs change. The Common Features are included: Enhanced security including Cisco TrustSec for providing authentication, access control, and security policy administration, Multiple Fast or Gigabit Ethernet performance options, Cisco EnergyWise for power management, Scalable network management.


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Product Specifications
TopologyEthernet (10/100BaseTX)Ethernet (10/100/1000BaseT)
Maximum Port density24 10/100 ports
Uplinks2 10/100/1000 ports
Modular/Expansion Slotsn/a
ArchitectureLayer 2 Switching (basic connectivity), Layer 2 Switching (intelligent services), Voice Enabled
Form FactorFixed, Rack Mountable, Standalone/Clustering
Dimensions1.73 x 17.5 x 9.3 in.
Specialized Service Modulesn/a
DHCP Snooping
Dynamic ARP Inspection 
IP Source Guard 
RP Rate Limiters 
TCP Intercept 
Port Security
Dynamic VLANs
Private VLANs 
Private VLAN Edge
Secure Shell
Unicast RPF 
ACLs (L2-L4)
High Availability/Resilliency
Hardware RedundancyExternal Redundant nguồn Supply
High Availability/ResilliencyPVST, Broadcast Suppression, Unicast Suppression, Mulitcast Suppression, Spanning Tree, Portfast, Uplink Fast, Backbone Fast, 802.1s, 802.1w
Management featuresSPAN, RSPAN, CiscoView, Cisco Discover Protocol (CDP), Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP), Telnet Client, BOOTP, TFTP, CiscoWorks, CWSI, RMON, SNMP, Clustering, Web-Based Management
WAN Interface Supportn/a
Throughput6.5 Mpps
Backplane Capacity16 Gbps
Number of VLANs255

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