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Are you looking for the Official USB Driver for the Sony Xperia ZR SO-04E sản phẩm điện thoại device? If yes, then this page is for you. Here, we have managed to tóm tắt the official USB driver of the Sony Xperia ZR SO-04E Device.

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And by using the Official USB Driver of your Xperia device, you can easily connect the device to the computer. In addition, the Official USB Driver can be helpful if you are trying to connect your Xperia device to the computer lớn transfer/sync any data between the device & the computer.

You can also use it lớn connect the Xperia Device lớn the computer when installing any Stock Firmware (ROM), Custom ROM, or installing any Custom recovery. In addition, it can be helpful while fixing or repairing the IMEI on the Xperia device.

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Sony Xperia ZR SO-04E USB Driver

The following USB Driver will help you connect your Xperia Device khổng lồ the computer without installing further applications. Use any of the following Mirror liên kết to get the driver on the computer:

Model Name: Sony Xperia ZR SO-04EDriver Name: sony_xperia_zr_driver.zipHow to Install: Read GuidelinesHow lớn Download: See ExampleDriver Size: 8 MBSupports: Windows Computer

How khổng lồ install Xperia Drivers Manually

Download and extract the Xperia USB driver on the computer.Open Device Manager (by pressing Win + R) và Click on the Computer Name.Click on the Actions menu > add Legacy Hardware > Next.Select Install the hardware that I manually Select from a list checkbox.Locate the extracted Xperia USB driver (.inf file) on the computer.Click on showroom button.Your Drivers will be installed & listed in the Device Manager.Follow Complete Guidelines

<*> Driver Signature Error: If you are facing the Driver Signature Error while installing the Xperia Driver, then follow How to Fix Driver Signature Error page to fix the issue.

<*> Xperia ZR SO-04E Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the Xperia ZR SO-04E Stock Firmware, then head over to the Xperia Firmware page.

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