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For the last month, I’ve been using Sony MDR-EX150AP wired earphones as my daily driver và it has seen quite a rough usage too. It’s the right time I should nội dung my Sony MDR EX150AP review. If you have noticed it’s quite a popular audio gear under 1000 Rs. But is the price justified when you can get earphones at half the price? Let’s find that out in this review!

Sony MDR EX150AP Review

In the past, we’ve seen Sony losing its customer in the budget segment due lớn high prices & not-so-good built quality. But Sony has taken the customer’s feedback và this is a fine example. So how good is Sony MDR EX150AP? Should you buy it or go for something else.

In this Sony MDR EX150AP Review, I will talk about that along with pros and cons, built quality, look and feel, features, audio quality, mic test, và finally our verdict. To lớn save you time, clicking on the links prior will take you to the particular section of the article.

if you are first time here at, we cover consumer products and services and share our honest customer-centric reviews. Just lượt thích all the articles on, this one also is not a sponsored review. The opinions shared below are true from the heart of our editorial team. Just lớn give you an honest picture about the earphone.

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Sony MDR-EX150AP Pros and Cons

Very Lightweight at Around 4 Grams1.2MM Long CableGood Built QualityTangled miễn phí CableCable Manager ProvidedCan be Used by People With Small EarsCrystal Clear Audio QualityVocals & Instruments Are The Strong PointsBass is RichGood Mic For CallingCan Customize truyền thông media Controls Using App
Not Ideal For WorkoutsNo Water Resistance
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Built Quality

The overall construction of the earphone is rubber & plastic which is common under the 3k category hence it’s fine. The wire used by Sony is not the thickest nor braided but it is durable. Mine got stuck in the zipper dozens of times, survived one month of backpacking và pocket traveling without any issue.

The L-shaped 3.5mm jack prevents the wire from unexpectedly disconnecting from a device. Though, it’s a personal choice whether you lượt thích a straight 3.5mm jack or an angled one. Generally speaking, the angled one has a longer life.

So keeping in mind the 1000 Rs price that that too a sản phẩm of Sony is good. Out of 5, I will easily give it 4.

Look N Feel

Sony MDR-EX150AP is available in two colors; Black and Blue. We bought xanh because it looks more alive and certainly reminds the good old days of Sony Ericson phones. Gosh, we miss those!

As you can see in the above image, the silicone ear tips are matte just lượt thích on any other earphones but the earbud has a shiny finish to lớn it. Và you have Sony branding in white on both the buds. The wire is exactly of the same tone as the ear tips và looks quite good.

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In the looks department, Sony EX150AP is a good-looking wired earphone for around 1000 Rs.

We went out and asked the public opinion about the earphone & many take these as 2 lớn 3k worth of earphones may be due lớn Sony branding. Hence, Sony has really made this earphone look more expensive than the cost.

Thus in terms of looks, it gets sold 4.5/5.


Sony MDR EX150AP Earbud

The moment you will put on the earbud you will feel them small. Since I was using BoAt Bassheads 242 for while it has those ear hooks that help them stay in the ears while working out. So I found Sony EX150AP earbuds lớn be small.

Unlike other earphones that come with 2 additional pairs of ear tips, Sony offers 1 more pair with ultra-small ear tips. Which gives Sony an edge.

I’ve applied the large one as it fits perfectly & doesn’t let the earphones fall. You can play around with the ear tips and find your comfortable spot. If you have big ears, then the large ones or the medium ones will be more appropriate.

So the question is how comfortable is Sony MDR-EX150AP?

Well, they are quite comfortable. The earbuds have no rough edges hence they don’t pain. Moreover, the ear tips are very soft and offer a snug fit even when you are resting on the couch và watching your favorite movie.

The overall weight of the earphone is around 4 grams including cable và it’s so lightweight you will not feel it. I have tried watching a few movies & the whole season 2 of Umbrella Academy! Had no issues & really had a good time with it.

Another good thing about this earphone is the size. Since the earbuds are small they can easily fit the ears of kids or people with small ears. My niece is 12 years old and she uses these for her classes. Hence it’s kids approved.

Audio Quality

Sony MDR EX150AP Review

Many people judge earphones or headphones on the basis of the kích cỡ of the audio drivers. There is a perception that bigger is better. Brands know this & go for bigger numbers instead of the chất lượng driver. Sony has never gone for the big numbers because they work on quality.

For context, Sony Zx110 is a 600 Rs headphone that just has 30mm of drivers. But the audio unique is killer. In the same way, Sony MDR-EX150AP has 9mm drivers. In this price range, you can get 10 or even 12mm drivers. So the question is how good is Sony 150AP?

Sony’s sound profile is different. It’s cleaner in a simpler sense. Lớn be honest, it’s a Sony product after a long that gave us a nostalgic feeling. The overall sound signature is very sharp. Even at 30 percent volume, you can hear your favorite tuy nhiên in full detail.

Below 50 percent of volume, the vocals, instruments, và treble are very strong, và as soon as you go beyond that the bass kicks in. It’s not heavy bass but you will experience great frequencies of the bass. So if you like good quality bass then Sony EX150AP is a good alternative.

How loud is Sony MDR150AP? Well, it’s very loud. At 100 percent volume, you will be disconnected from the world. By loud I mean you can jam into your favorite songs and keep the các buổi tiệc nhỏ going!

But for good hearing, we always advise volume around 60 lớn 80 percent. If you wish to listen at 100 then don’t use audio gears continuously for 3 hours.

So in terms of audio quality, Sony MDR 150AP scores a good 4.5/5.


When it comes lớn features, wired earphones are a tad behind wireless earphones or earbuds in context. But brands, try their best to địa chỉ cửa hàng in a few things that will make life easier for the users. Usually, all wired earphones have an MFB that can let you play or pause music or take/end calls. But Sony did something big here.

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Sony MDR-150AP comes with a quality feature in this price range. You can customize the MFB (Multi-Function Button) with one tap, double-tap, or triple tap. So you can choose accordingly.

The tiện ích you need to tải về is the Sony Smart Key ứng dụng which is free on app android as well as iOS. So you can mix features as per your liking.

So in terms of features, Sony did not disappoint this time.

How’s The Mic of the Sony MDR-150AP?

Mics on wired earphones are generally good. We’ve tested around 30 earphones & more than 70 percent had good mic quality.

The good news is Sony MDR 150AP has a good microphone. We can recommend it for work from home or professional calls. We’ve tried taking calls in the Metro, in public places, và even indoors the mic picks up the voice quite well.

What about background noise? Yes, it does capture background noise if in case you are wondering. But it filters out about 40 percent of it. Or you can override that buy bing a little louder.

Hence mic gets a solid 4/5.

Latency Test


That’s the beauty of wired earphones that you don’t get any latency while gaming or watching videos. Be it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hotstar you get an ultimate experience. I’ve tested Sony MDR 150AP with iPhones, Oneplus 7, xe máy G51, etc.

To be more specific, these earphones can easily let you hear the footsteps of the enemy and make out their next move.

So Should You Buy Sony MDR-EX150AP?

Sony MDR EX150AP Review

This time Sony has not done crazy pricing though it’s a tad bit more than the likes of BoAt & JBL. But the end product is worth the price. Everything from its built chất lượng to look và feel is just great. So should you buy it at this price?

I totally get it, you can buy earphones lượt thích BoAt Bassheads 242 (review) or even JBL C100SI for under 600 Rs which are quite great deals.

But here, Sony shines through the clear vocals & strong mid-range. It packs in good audio drivers & a great microphone for calling. So if you need a good audio experience or need a good call chất lượng earphone then buy Sony MDR-150AP you will not regret it.

Now for the most important part, comfort! Becuase it will make sure how long you can wear it. I am happy khổng lồ report, that you can easily wear it for a couple of hours without any strain or discomfort. This is achieved by using a very light body and soft ear tips.

Sony MDR-EX150AP is also great for people with small ears. This cannot be said for many earphones out there. The outer earbud is tiny which helps in being compact. My niece uses it for online classes & she did not report any pain. So you can easily give it lớn your kids or if you have normal khổng lồ small ears, you should definitely consider it.

One thing that Sony missed out on is in terms of water resistance or sweat resistance. Hence for workouts, it might not be a good option. So if you need one for workouts then I would recommend checking out BoAt Bassheads 242.

Other than that, Sony MDR-150AP is a great earphone for under 1000 Rs and it gets our approval.

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Wrapping up!

There you go, guys! This was our Sony MDR 150AP đánh giá after one month of use. If you found it helpful then do share it with your friends & family! và do you still got some doubts about this earphone then vì chưng ping us below on the below given social accounts. We love khổng lồ help our readers!