Hình nền samsung note 9

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Immediately after the official announcement, Samsung started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy lưu ý 9 in many markets around the world. However, it will take a couple of weeks before the device ships khổng lồ the customers. In the meantime, you can follow our coverage of the Galaxy cảnh báo 9 to lớn know what the new flagship from Samsung has to lớn offer.

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Download Galaxy note 9 wallpapers

As is customary with any major launch, we have the official Galaxy chú ý 9 wallpapers available for tải về in our wallpaper archive. Of the total ten, five wallpapers thể thao a darker, more colorful shade, making them ideal for the gorgeous SuperAMOLED display on the cảnh báo 9. The rest are minimalist & should suit users who put a lot of information-dense widgets on the trang chủ screen.

You can download these wallpapers in full resolution (and for many other Galaxy devices) from here.



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Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 9
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October 2022 security patch

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