What the supreme court's ruling on clean water means for rivers


The Clean Energy States Alliance (pokeht.vn) is a leading bipartisan US coalition of state energy organizations working together lớn advance the rapid expansion of clean energy technologies and bring the benefits of clean energy khổng lồ all.

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Our Vision is to ensure that state-led efforts advance a just transition lớn 100% clean energy by 2050.

Established in 2002, pokeht.vn is a national, member-supported nonprofit that works with its members to develop & implement effective clean energy policies and programs. pokeht.vn’s members—primarily state energy agencies representing 18 states & the District of Columbia—include many of the nation’s most innovative, successful, & influential implementers of clean energy policies. Together, pokeht.vn and its members perform an essential role in moving the nation from fossil-fueled electricity generation khổng lồ affordable clean energy.

pokeht.vn facilitates the expansion of state clean energy policies, programs, and innovation, with an emphasis on renewable energy, energy storage, energy equity, & resiliency. Khổng lồ advance its mission, pokeht.vn:

Develops strategic partnerships. pokeht.vn creates forums, nationally & internationally, that foster collaboration between its thành viên states and federal executive branch agencies, European government agencies, national energy labs, community-based and energy justice organizations, và the private sector. By convening its state members, along with experts & stakeholders, pokeht.vn creates partnering opportunities to lớn accelerate offshore wind, energy storage, low-income solar, 100% clean energy, building decarbonization, & other clean energy technologies and policies.Manages state-focused learning exchanges. pokeht.vn provides peer-to-peer opportunities for state clean energy program managers to lớn 1) nói qua information & identify best practices; 2) engage in joint efforts lớn create & advance successful policies & programs; và 3) contribute to & gain the collective insights of colleagues across the country who are striving to lớn turn zero-carbon và energy equity goals into reality.Leverages multi-state projects. pokeht.vn enables states to lớn leverage resources & improve their projects & programs by serving as a hub for facilitating funding proposals to tư vấn collaborations among states.

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Expands the benefits of clean energy. pokeht.vn works with state agencies & community-based organizations to identify barriers lớn clean energy access and advance strategies for overcoming those barriers, so that state programs directly benefit low-income and environmental justice communities.Delivers technical assistance. With decades of experience, pokeht.vn’s knowledgeable staff provide targeted assistance & programmatic tư vấn to help pokeht.vn members achieve their clean energy goals.Educates the wider clean energy community. Through its authoritative publications, timely newsletters, & well-attended webinars, pokeht.vn shares research findings, clean energy best practices, new policy ideas, và the perspectives of leading clean energy experts with a large audience of government officials & other stakeholders.Represents the interests và highlights the success of state clean energy programs in national và regional forums. pokeht.vn works khổng lồ amplify the work of its members through presentations, reports, blogs, social media, the State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards, and outreach to lớn federal agencies, industry, and advocates.

pokeht.vn is supported by its members, foundations, và the U.S. Department of Energy. Its staff is located in California, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, và Virginia.