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Battery - nguồn Through the Day Without Recharge

ZenFone 3 Max is the 5.5-inch smartphone eliminates battery life worries, with enough power lớn get you through a full work day and even beyond! With it's high-capacity 4100mAh cell ZenFone 3 Max just keeps on going, with standby that lasts up lớn 38 days both. We all need more time to talk, connect, play and watch without running out of power. We all need ZenFone 3 Max.

Standby time is measured by current meter with typical battery capacity. Results may vary depending on different test conditions.

Reverse Charging - your Go-Everywhere Power bank

ZenFone 3 Max’s 4100mAh battery capacity is so substantial that it’s able to double up as a power bank to charge your digital devices. So, no need lớn worry when your other gadgets run out of juice: just hook them up to lớn ZenFone 3 Max and top up on the go!

design - Premium kiến thiết that’s as Natural as your Grip

ZenFone 3 Max embodies the chip core values of industrial design, paring beautiful aesthetics with uncompromising build unique to create an exceptional user experience. ZenFone 3 Max’s contoured (2.5D) glass touch screen is matched around the back by a gently curving rear cover that feels as natural to hold as your grip. That’s because we have considered every aspect of ZenFone 3 Max’s design, from the balanced positioning of the display lớn the precise alignment of the retaining screws at the bottom.

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touch Security - Fingerprint Sensor with so Much More

ZenFone 3 Max’s rear fingerprint sensor is perfectly positioned for the way you hold your phone. It unlocks ZenFone 3 Max in a fraction of a second & does so much more besides. Swipe your fingertip down across the sensor khổng lồ summon the selfie camera và then tap with your tip lớn take a picture: it’s like a second shutter button, right where you need it.

PixelMaster Camera - Picture Perfect

ZenFone 3 Max’s 16MP PixelMaster camera that captures beautiful, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. The rear-facing16MP camera takes astounding images và the 8MP front camera shoots sharp selfies and clear clip chats.

laser AF công nghệ - Ultra-fast 0.03s Instant Focus và Subject Tracking

ZenFone 3 Max has something no other điện thoại camera has. Asus engineers have combined three focusing technologies - laser, phase detection and continuous auto-focus - into one harmonious system. Resulting a clear focus in just 0.03 seconds in varying conditions, for all scenarios - & at up to lớn ten times (10x) faster than the blink of your eye!

EIS - Steadily, Shake-Free Videos

& for videos, a ZenFone 3 Max has a three-axis electronic image stabilizer (EIS) khổng lồ keeps your handheld videos rock-steady.

asus PowerMaster

power nguồn with Intelligence

With great power, comes a greater responsibility of harnessing it to optimal potential. Our revolutionary PowerMaster tiện ích with customized optimization features does just that to lớn give you unmatched battery life based on your usage patterns.

Upto 2X life span Battery-saving options Battery modes Auto-start manager Reverse charging Boost PowerSafe technology Scan Battery usage